Hi ,I am Jiacheng Yang. Raised in the Gobi Desert, I was a curious kid who discovered the world through video games.

Moving to
Shanghai to study Civil Engineering at Tongji University, I used every opportunity to build digital connections.

While still in college, I developed a platform that fostered peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and started my journey in Interaction Design.

Recently I graduated from
Art Center College of Design in LA. As a designer, I’m passionate about designing immersive experiences through spatial computing. Building accessible VR & AR tools, I want to create opportunities that allow people to grow creatively and explore worlds that seem out of reach. 

Working in fast-paced, collaborative environments, I combine
UX, UI, product and 3D design, creating elevated, playful and tangible products and experiences that empower us to move into the digital future. 
I love making 3D things ❤
See some motion design work here
I create Video from time to time
Take a look on Youtube