Jiacheng Leo Yang is a designer
based in LA working at TikTok.

šŸ˜ˆLeo designs digital product with
immersive technology.
Storytelling and prototyping is his jam.

2021 work to be updated:
TikTok TV
Previously worked at Apple, Pico, Blind.
Next Generation
Currency Concept
Sponsored by KBA Nota Sys
Academic Case Study 2019
Designing Virtual Reality
for Productivity
Strat Concept Design
ā€Academic Case Study 2019
Storytelling Tool
for Future Creators
Sponsored by Google Daydream
Academic Case Study 2019
Apple AR
Apple Marcom
ā€2019 Summer Internship
Designing Virtual Reality
for Distance Relationship
China User Experience Award
ā€Concept Design 2018
Spatial computing for designers
AR VR Education site
Personal Project